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Digital Photography Services

Advertising and Commercial

For photographs to be used in your advertising, such as brochures, flyers, web sites, etc., stock photographs might be just what you need.  They're low-cost but high-quality, and they're royalty free.  Check out my stock photographs below.  If I don't have what you need, I do take custom stock photo and video requests.

There are those occasions, however, when you need a photograph of a specific product or item.  I also work with many beautiful models who can present your product in a professional manner.  If you need custom commercial photography, email me for a quote.





I take a photojournalistic approach to weddings, which is the best way to capture the events and the "flavor" of this special day.  Of course, there are the usual group photos, but I specialize in capturing unplanned and unposed photos of family and guests as the events of the day unfold.

I charge a flat rate of $150 per hour, with only a one-hour minimum.  A $150 advance deposit is required, which will be applied to the total bill.  You'll receive professional-quality digital photos on a CD or memory stick, which you're free to share on social web sites, and print as you like.  For an extra charge, I'll gladly put together a traditional wedding album for you.

For more information, or to reserve my services for your wedding day, email me.


As a former surgical nurse in the U.S. Air Force (1979-84), I'm uniquely qualified to provide medical, surgical, and even forensic medical video and photography (including autopsies).  I'm able to work in the operating room without contaminating sterile fields.  Flat rate of $100 per hour with only a one-hour minimum.  Travel expenses outside the central Florida area are additional.  For more information, or to request medical photography or video, email me.

Model:  Gloria Vasquez

Photo Retouching

A raw photograph is only a foundation upon which to build a finished product.  Photo retouching for models, professional portraits, catalogs, web photos, etc. begins at a meager $15 per photo for basic beauty retouching, color correction, and so forth.  More complex jobs, such as background removal, special effects, etc., are a bit more.  If your photo is under 5 mb, you can send it to me by email.  For groups of photos, you can either send them in a zipped (compressed) file via, or I can arrange an FTP site on my web server for you (free of charge).  I will then send a PayPal invoice to you, and work will begin as soon as the invoice is paid.  Turnaround time is normally a week or less.

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Other Services:
  • Interiors

  • Real estate

  • Construction progress

  • Aerial

  • Insurance

  • Documentary

  • Model portfolios

  • Concerts & performances

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