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CS Productions

Here you will find downloads for musical compositions that I created.  They are complete works, and all I ask is that if you like them, please make a small contribution that will allow me to make a living and continue to make more music available.  By downloading, you agree that this material is only for personal and individual listening.  Any other use must have written permission from me, without which constitutes violation of U.S. and international copyright laws.  Although there are those in any segment of society that are completely self absorbed, dishonest, and even malicious, I'm hoping that you are honest and decent, and that you will do the right thing as you enjoy what I've poured my heart and soul into to share with you.  This collection is entitled, "Meta-Mor-Pheous."

Front cover

Back cover


To download, right-click on a title and choose "Save as..." from the pop-up menu.  To listen, simply click on a title normally.

  1.  In the Mist  4:43 4.  Faith to Faith  3:16 7.  Dewfall  6:25
  2.  Hearts Alive  4:51 5.  Lost in Time  4:10 8.  Resurrection  8:16
  3.  Eagles' Wings  9:56 6.  Hopes, Dreams, and Whispers  6:43 9.  Prayer For Peace  3:14

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