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CS Productions

Carl Stewart, CS Productions

I'm a 30-year music veteran with a private digital recording studio in central Florida, specializing in commercial work (custom music beds, jingles, music tracks, and film scores).  I began my music career with my first piano lesson at age 12.  An immediate attraction continued throughout high school and then into college where I received a two-year degree under the direct tutelage of Dr. Milfred Valentine, one of the most sought-after voice teachers in the United States.

I made it to the top in the performing world when I was chosen from thousands of competitors worldwide for a tour in 1982 with the prestigious touring and performing show band, “Tops in Blue.”  The band is owned by the U.S. Air Force, and is where many celebrities, past and present, got their start.  The grueling schedule landed me in the hospital with pneumonia and convinced me that this was definitely not what I wanted to do.  I never toured again.

I completed my two-year nursing degree while in the Air Force, where I served as a surgical nurse in Air Force hospitals.  After my enlistment, I returned to Oral Roberts University, where I completed the requirements for my B.S. degree in broadcast production (including radio, television, and film).  I worked as the audio stage manager for Oral Roberts Television Productions, which aired the daily program, Richard Roberts Live.  During this time period, I met and married my wife, Lorraine.  We moved to Orlando, Florida in January 1985 after I completed my studies.

From that time to the present, I have diligently continued my post-graduate education - a process and activity that will never end because there is always more to learn.  The combination of my performing and touring experience coupled with my formal education gives me unique qualifications for and insight into my chosen profession.  The long and growing list of satisfied clients is evidence I can deliver.